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Paul Menig has been a student of strategy and business for over four decades. As in intrapreneur at General Electric, Eaton, and Daimler he led teams of hundreds to develop and successfully bring to market products for military, aerospace, medical instrumentation, industrial automation, and transportation industries. He was schooled in setting strategy for these large multi-national companies while working with suppliers ranging in size from small privately-held companies to similar multi-national tier-1s. Concepts and management approaches such as Agile, Lean, Enterprise Operating Systems, Continuous Cost Improvement, Key Performance Indicators, and more were applied to every aspect of his work from the company to the supplier, to the department, to the project.

Since leaving the corporate world at the end of 2011, Paul has focused his energy on down-scaling these successful business disciplines to small and medium enterprise companies. As the CEO of Business Accelerants(TM), Paul advises companies from $2 million to $20 billion. In addition, Paul provides pro-bono consulting as a SCORE Business Mentor to companies typically ranging in size from startup to $2 million. In either case, the goal is to accelerate profitable growth so they can get more money from the business and more time for their lives.

Community Involvement

Giving back is an important priority.  Paul’s goals include working with small to medium businesses as a mentor for SCORE.  SCORE grows successful small businesses across America, one business at a time. SCORE is a nonprofit association dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground, grow and achieve their goals through education and mentorship. Work is supported by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).  Check out the SCORE link for more information.

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Understands How Technology Creates Value from a Business Perspective

I have known Paul for over 15 years, and have had the pleasure of working with him both as a strategic partner and collaborator on a number of commercial vehicle projects, as well as a number of industry standards activities with the TMC and SAE. Paul is a true technology visionary, combined with a rare ability to understand how technology creates value, what works, and what will not work, both from a technology and business perspective.

I highly recommend Paul to lead or direct any endeavor related to the strategic direction and application of next-generation electrical/electronic technologies, especially in the fields of telematics, vehicle systems and architectures, and mobile enterprise IT in the commercial vehicle industry. He is very passionate about his work, and will be a great asset to anyone that needs assistance in shaping and implementing advanced technology programs.

Jeff Waterstreet, Sales Manager, Continental Automotive Systems, April 2012

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